Sophia van Megen

My name is Sophia van Megen, I am 22 years old and this year, I am the President of the XXIVth board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. Four years ago I moved to Rotterdam to start my bachelor's in Econometrics. Next to my studies, I like to do weight training and kickboxing. But I also enjoy trying out other sports and going on trips with friends. As I am half Russian myself, I am also taking lessons to improve my Russian.

In the second year of my studies, I decided to join the student association R.S.C./R.V.S.V. I also did several committees, including one at FSR, and completed a data consulting project for the Dutch Heart Foundation. These committees gave me the experience of organizing events and working in teams. However, I felt that I was ready for the next challenge and decided to do a board year during which I can apply these experiences as the leader of a team. The FSR appealed to me because of its professional character and a large network in the financial world. Working in a team to organize some of the most professional and prestigious events at Erasmus University enables me to personally grow and get hands-on experience as an intermediary between students and the professional world. After this board year, I will start my master's in Econometrics.

My main priority this year will be the board itself. It is vital that the board functions properly and it is my job, as president, to ensure this. The most important part of this is proper communication and an open culture wherein I can get everybody on the same page. On the other hand, I advise my fellow board members on how to approach certain situations or which decisions to make. This allows me to be involved with many of our events, learning from difficult choices and situations. Besides the board, I am responsible for the long-term strategy of the FSR and the exploration of new opportunities. Furthermore, I am offered the opportunity to represent the FSR on many different occasions, both in and outside the university. It is a challenging opportunity to be responsible for the largest independent study association of Erasmus University, with around 3000 members and an extensive professional network.

If you have any further questions about a board year or the FSR in general, don’t hesitate to contact me or come to have a chat at our office at G3A-06!

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Sophia van Megen,
President | FSR Board 2021/2022
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Sophia van Megen