Romé Commandeur

My name is Rome Commandeur, and I have the honour to be the commissioner external relations of the XXth board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. I finished my bachelor in Business Administration, and have started a major in economics and a bachelor of arts in philosophy. Besides my bachelor, I have gained international experience through projects abroad and an exchange in Hong Kong. 

Being a board member gives me the opportunity to have a lot of responsibility and gain leadership skills. The FSR has established a professional reputation with interesting events, and makes it interesting for board members to perform well.  
As I am responsible for external relations, I get to see a great number of firms. During this year I will visit around 80 companies. This gives me a great insight in the financial sector. 

 If you have any further questions regarding my position or regarding FSR, please don’t hesitate to contact me or come to our office (H14-06) for a coffee!

Romé Commandeur