Martijn Ellens

My name is Martijn Ellens and I am the Commissioner Finance Activities of the XXIVth board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. Three years ago I moved to Rotterdam to get my bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Besides studying, I like to play sports such as soccer and I became a member of the student association RSC/RVSV.

During my studies, I soon discovered that I am interested in the finance sector. However, this sector is still very large and therefore I wanted to orientate more in this world and find out what my specific interests were. In addition, I wanted to further develop skills that were not covered during my studies, such as communication-, organization- and leadership skills. During various jobs in the hospitality industry, I came to realize the importance of these skills. This is exactly what an FSR board year and then especially the position of Commissioner Finance Activities could offer me. This made me decide not to start my master's degree immediately, but instead apply for a board year.

As the Commissioner of Finance Activities, I am responsible for organizing events that are related to the financial sector. With the help of my fellow board members and committees, I will organize the International Banking Cycle, the Financial Business Cycle, Corporate Finance Competition, Boutique Cycle, London Finance Tour, and The Valuation. What I find most appealing about this position is that you have a diverse variety of tasks. On a daily basis, you are improving your organizational- and communication skills. I really like the aspect of interacting with multiple parties, looking over the promotion, and working together with the committee members to make sure we will organize great events this year.

If you have any further questions or interest in the FSR, don't hesitate to contact me or drop by our office to get in touch with me or one of my fellow board members!

Martijn Ellens,
Commissioner Finance Activities | FSR Board 2021/2022
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Martijn Ellens