Maarten van der Puijl

My name is Maarten van der Puijl and for the upcoming year I will fulfil the position of the Commisioner External Relations Financial Study association Rotterdam. I grew up in Bennekom, which lies between Ede and Wageningen. Three years ago I moved to Rotterdam and I just finished my bachelor in Economics and Business Economics.

In my first year I joined Skadi and over the last years I did several committees at different associations. Also, I spent a semester in Seoul which was an amazing experience. In my spare time I like to play hockey, go skiing and sailing.

Because of my interest in Finance and because I wanted to develop personal skills I decided to apply for a position in the FSR board. The FSR has established a professional reputation with very interesting events in the area of my interest. I am glad I have been provided the opportunity to participate in the organization of these events.

As I am responsible for the external relations, I get to see a great number of firms. During this year I will visit around 80 companies. This gives me a great insight in the financial sector.

If you have any further questions regarding my position or regarding the FSR, please don’t hesitate to contact.

Maarten van der Puijl