Maarten Fuchs

My name is Maarten Fuchs and I will be the Vice President of the XXIst Board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. The last three years I studied Tax Law and Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During my three years in Rotterdam I joined H.V. Victoria to continue playing hockey and the fraternity R.S.V. Laurentius.

Because of the many master opportunities for the studies Law and Economics and lack of knowing what I wanted to do in the future I decided to orient myself. In my third study year I joined the Conference Committee of FSR. It suited well, I got to know our association and I decided to apply for a board year. In this year I hope to get a complete picture of the financial world and decide where my future lies.

Being the Vice President of FSR means that I am mainly responsible for the marketing, website, alumni and secretary tasks. Furthermore, I will be part of the International Research Project 2019 and of course helping out our President Baus, when necessary.

I chose FSR because of our strong brand, large network and professional events. Besides that, our board consists of six highly motivated people which makes our days at the office very enjoyable. Supported by our group of actives we will be working hard to make our events a success again the upcoming year. This, combined with several social activities with our board and with the actives makes that I am looking forward to an exciting year.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( or come by our office at NT - 01 for a coffee!

Maarten Fuchs