Maarten Evers

My name is Maarten Evers and I will be the Commissioner Activities for this year. I grew up in Son en Breugel, a village near Eindhoven, and three years ago I moved to Rotterdam. Besides studying I joined the fraternity Laurentius and did several committees. In my third year, I spent three months doing an internship in China which has been a wonderful experience. Currently, I am still writing my thesis to finish my Bachelor in International Economics and Business Economics. Because I wanted to gain more experience and develop my organizational and personal skills further before starting with a Master degree, I applied for a place in the twentieth FSR board.

As the Commissioner Activities, I will be responsible for some of the biggest events organized by the FSR. Together with the committees I will organize the Big 4 Cycle, the Corporate Finance Competition, and last but definitely not least, the International Research Project. Besides these events I will also be responsible for HR within the FSR. I am really looking forward to work closely with my fellow board members to contribute to the development and growth of the FSR.

If you have any questions regarding what the FSR can offer you, please feel free to come by our office at H14-06 for a coffee!