Linda Berbée

My name is Linda Berbée and I am the Vice President of the XXIIIrd board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. Three years ago, I moved to Rotterdam to start my study in Business Administration. During my bachelor's, I had the opportunity to do develop myself through extracurricular activities. I participated in several committees, joined the Honours association and I went on exchange to Singapore.

My experiences thus far have taught me a lot about organizing events and communicating with different parties. After coming back from my exchange to Singapore, I wanted to take a year off studying to orientate on my future career. Last year, I have been active as a committee member in the London Finance Tour committee. This gave me an insight into the association and the possibilities that a board year provided. I believe a board year is a unique opportunity to extend my student time, develop organisational skills, and to learn more about the multiple career opportunities I have.

Being the Vice President of the FSR means that I am the contact person for all the members, including the alumni. Moreover, I am responsible for the marketing and data-analysis of the association. Furthermore, I am part of the International Research Project 2021.

I chose FSR because of our strong brand, large network, and professional events. Supported by our group of actives we will be working hard to make our events a success again the upcoming year. This, combined with several social activities with our board and with the actives makes that I am looking forward to an exciting year.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or come by our office at H16-25 for a tea!

Linda Berbée,
Vice President | FSR Board 2020/2021
+31 (0)6 16 86 06 55

Linda Berbée