Larissa Davidsz

My name is Larissa Davidsz and I will fulfil the position of Commissioner Finance Activities in the XXIth board of the Financial Study Association Rotterdam. I grew up in Bodegraven and three years ago I moved to Rotterdam to study the International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics.

During my studies I looked for opportunities to develop myself through extracurricular activities. I participated in several committees and started rowing, by doing so I learned valuable lessons about working in a team and organizing events. I also went on exchange to Seoul, Korea. While I was on exchange, I started thinking about what I wanted to do after my studies. However, I wasn’t sure which master I would like to do and I thus decided to apply for a board year to learn more about the different sectors within the business world. With doing a board year at FSR I wanted to develop my organisational and professional skills. What appealed most to me about FSR was the professional character of the association in combination with several social activities and some trips abroad.

As the Commissioner Finance Activities I am responsible for organizing most of our events which are related to the financial sector. In collaboration with my fellow board members and the different committees, I will organize the International Banking Cycle, the Financial Business Cycle and the European Finance Tour. What I found most appealing about this position is that you have very wide and diverse variety of tasks. First of all, I am responsible for contact with the partners, which is a great responsibility as we work with many prestigious partners who have high expectations. Additionally, together with our vice-president I look over the promotion of the event, it is my task to ensure all students are aware of the event and are given the opportunity to participate. Another aspect of this position which strongly appealed to me was that I get to work together with many of our active members. I am very much looking forward to working together with my committee members towards making all these events a success again this year.

If you have any questions about FSR, my position or a board year please feel free to contact me or come by our office for a cup of coffee with me or one of my fellow board members.

Larissa Davidsz,
Commissioner Finance Activities | FSR Board 2019/2020
+31 (0)6 27 56 20 53

Larissa Davidsz