Jim Boersen

My name is Jim Boersen and I am the Commissioner Activities of the XXIVth  FSR board. Four years ago, I started with a bachelor Economics and Business Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Last year, after finishing my bachelor’s degree, I started with the master Financial Economics. Besides studying I also joined the student association RSC/RVSV and the student sailing association RSZV. During my board year, I picked up hockey again at the hockey association Victoria.

During my bachelor's, I realized that in the future I wanted to work in finance. However, finance still is quite broad, so within my board year I want to get to know all de different aspects of finance so I can decide which part of finance I like the most. Besides, after finishing my master's, I still was not ready to start working, I liked the student life too much. During a board year, you learn to organize events, communicate with large companies, and do many other things. All in all, being a board member at the FSR is the perfect way for me to develop my skills and decide in which finance working field I would like to work.

As the Commissioner Activities, I have a couple of responsibilities. First of all, I am responsible for several events like the Big 4 Cycle, Consultancy Landscape, Women Consultancy Day, and the International Research Project. Besides this I am also responsible for Human Resources, the recruitment of new committee members for the FSR, and the Active Members. The biggest advantage of being the Commissioner Activities is that you are also the Chairman of the International Research Project, which is the biggest event of the FSR. This is a consultancy project where a group of twenty master students does research for five different partners. After the desk research is done the group travels abroad to complete the consultancy project.

If you have any questions regarding being a board member at the FSR, feel free to contact me at any time or to drop by the office in G-Building: G3-06.

Jim Boersen,
Commissioner Activities | FSR Board 2021/2022
+31 (0)6 81 87 05 92

Jim Boersen