Ingeborg Zeeuwen

My name is Ingeborg Zeeuwen and I am the Vice President of the XXIVth board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. Four years ago, I moved to Rotterdam to start my study in Business Administration. I joined the student association R.S.V. Sanctus Laurentius and I worked on various committees where I took on the role of treasurer twice. In addition, I had the opportunity to develop myself through an internship at Landal. I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge about data analysis.

After completing my internship, I found out that I wanted to gain more hands-on experience. I already had some experience in organizing events, but I was looking for something bigger. The vice president position attracted me because it focused on data science, and I also wanted to gain more experience in the field of marketing. To add to that, I wanted to take a year off studying to orientate my future career. I believe that this board year will improve my general knowledge in the finance world and that it will enlighten me about the multiple career opportunities.

Being the Vice President of the FSR means that I am the contact person for all the members, including the alumni. Moreover, I am responsible for the marketing and data analysis of the association. Furthermore, I am part of the International Research Project 2021.
I chose FSR because I am convinced that the small scale of the association, with 35 active members, is very advantageous to be able to realize new initiatives as it allows you to bring people along and be agile. This also makes it possible to get to know people quickly, which creates a perfect balance between professionalism and sociability - something I find very important. All in all, I am looking forward to an exciting year!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or come by our office at G3A-06!

Ingeborg Zeeuwen,
Vice President | FSR Board 2021/2022
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Ingeborg Zeeuwen