Eline van Groningen

My name is Eline van Groningen and this year I am the Commissioner Finance Activities of the XXth board of the Financial Study Association Rotterdam. I grew up in Bergschenhoek, a village near Rotterdam. After completing my VWO I started Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During my studies I looked for several opportunities to develop myself: I did a committee at a study association, I have joined a sorority and I had a student job at a private equity firm.

FSR is for me an opportunity to gain more practical experience on top of my studies. It is also a great way to develop myself personally and professionally, and gain more knowledge about the industry.

As the Commissioner Finance Activities I am, as the name suggest, responsible for the organization of a number of events related to the financial sector. Together with the committees I will organize the International Banking Cycle, the Financial Business Cycle, the European Finance Tour, several one-day events, and this year also the Female Business Tour.

If you have any questions about FSR, our activities or myself please feel free to contact me or come by the office at H14-06.