Declan Blom

My name is Declan Blom and for the upcoming year I will be the XXth president of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. The (small) place I grew up in is called Wilnis, which lies between Amsterdam and Utrecht. After passing high school, I decided to study Economics and Business Economics/Fiscal Economics in Rotterdam. Following this choice, I moved to Rotterdam and joined a fraternity in the first year of my studies. In the second and third year of my studies I worked as a tutor/exam trainer and did several committees. One of these was the Erasmus Banking Summit committee at the FSR. Through this committee I got in contact with the association and it made me start to consider a board year.

The professional approach, the established reputation and the interesting activities of the FSR are what appealed the most to me. After some conversations with (former) board members I decided to apply because I was excited about the responsibilities you get, the professional experience you gain and all of the social activities you combine this with.

Being the President of the XXth board of the FSR provides me with the unique opportunity to represent the association on different occasions and to pursue the strategic goals of the FSR. Furthermore, I will guide the FSR by supporting my fellow board members in organizing as many activities as possible. It is a challenging opportunity to be responsible for the largest independent study association of the Erasmus University Rotterdam with over 2600 members and its professional network.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( or come by our office at H14-06.’’

Declan Blom