Baus Verbeek

My name is Baus Verbeek, I am the President of the XXIst board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. About three years ago I came to Rotterdam to study Economics and Law here at Erasmus University. After high-school I took a gap year because I wasn’t sure yet what I wanted to study. During this gap year I did an internship in Kuala Lumpur and volunteer work in Sabah, the Malaysian part of Borneo. After this year I was sure I wanted to study economics and law. Erasmus University offers an excellent program, so this was the ideal choice. Living and studying here for the last three years has taught me a lot about my interests and the direction I want to take for my future career.

During my studies I have learned the importance of extracurricular activities. Besides my regular curriculum I have participated in various committees and joined a fraternity in my first year. By doing so I have gained valuable experience in organizing events, professional communication and collaborating in a team. Through these committees and my fraternity, I have met many new people and expanded my social network in Rotterdam. My interest for a board year developed during last year. I wanted to take a year off studying to learn practical skills and for orientation for my future career. I also considered an internship abroad, but eventually chose a board year because of the enormous amount of responsibility you get. The professional approach of the FSR, with prestigious events highly valued by students and companies, appealed the most to me. We work with many leaders in the industry, where expectations are high. Besides gaining professional experience, you work closely with your fellow board members and active members. When the work is done, there are many fun activities and even a few trips abroad during the year. These elements combined make a board year at FSR an unforgettable and vital experience, which will help you greatly in your further career.

As president of the FSR my main priority is the board itself. It is my task to ensure the functioning of my fellow board members by supporting them where possible. This starts with proper communication within the board and making sure everyone is on the same page. On the other hand, I also advise my fellow board members on how to approach certain situations or which decision to make. This allows me to be involved with many of our events, learning from difficult choices and situations. Besides the board I am responsible for the long-term strategy of the FSR and exploration of new opportunities. Furthermore, as president you are offered the opportunity to represent the FSR on many different occasions, both in- and outside the university. It is a challenging opportunity to be responsible for the largest independent study association of Erasmus University, with over 2600 members and an extensive professional network.

If you have any further questions about a board year or the FSR in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( or drop by our office at NT - 01.

Baus Verbeek