Pepijn Enserink

Hi, my name is Pepijn Enserink and on the XXVth board, I hold the position of Commissioner Finance Activities. After finishing high school, I immediately moved to Rotterdam. The city attracted me so much because of its financial allure. I then immediately started studying economics and business economics and joined R.S.C./R.V.S.V. the same year.

Even before I started studying, I knew I was interested in the financial sector. During my studies, this was confirmed by the courses I took and the activities organized throughout Rotterdam by study associations such as Financial Study Association Rotterdam (FSR). Because the financial sector is so broad and has so many different aspects, orientation is important. This was the main reason for me to do a board year at FSR.

As Commissioner Finance Activities at FSR, I am responsible for organizing finance-related events. Together with my board and committee members, we will organize various events such as the International Banking Cycle, Financial Business Cycle, Corporate Finance Competition, M&A Days, London Finance Tour and The Valuation. When organizing these events, you have a unique opportunity to speak to the companies behind the scenes to see if the company suits you. You develop many hard and soft skills during the year that are not covered in your studies. During the year, you learn a lot about working together in a team, leadership and communication. What I like most so far is working together with the committees and the board to creatively solve problems.

If you have any questions or want to know more about a board year (as Commissioner Finance Activities), feel free to reach out or come by the office to grab a cup of coffee!

Pepijn Enserink
Commissioner Finance Activities | FSR Board 2022-2023
+31 (0)6 30 86 41 36


Pepijn Enserink