FSR | Venture Capital Conference

Are you keen to learn more about the world of Venture Capital?

Innovation and invention drive our economy and have an important role in spurring job creation. Venture Capital (VC) is a vital source of funding for high-growth startups across the globe. With many of the world’s biggest companies (Alibaba, Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Tesla, etc.) having started with funding and advice from venture capitalists. In the last decade, the VCs industry has experienced substantial growth and innovation. Today, more VCs than ever are investing more capital than ever. That is why this year, the Financial Study association Rotterdam has decided to organise the new event: the FSR Venture Capital Conference.

The participating companies are: Fortino Capital (Amsterdam & Antwerp), Z3Partners (Mumbai), INKEF Capital (Amsterdam), and Connected Capital (Amsterdam). 
The speakers consist of Duco Sickinghe (Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Fortino Capital), Gautam Patel (Founder & Managing Partner at Z3partners), Corné Jansen (Managing Partner at INKEF Capital), and Wouter Alblas (Investment Manager at Connected Capital).

During the event companies will discuss what a typical work day in a Venture Capital firm looks like. Additionally, topical issues and trends in the world of venture capital will be discussed. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion. The companies will also touch upon the possibilities of future careers and internships at their firms.

Lastly, there will be an opportunity to get to know the firms on an informal level over drinks after the conference. The Conference will take place on May 25th, from 15:00-17:00hrs at the Senaatszaal, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

* Please note that fluency in Dutch is not required for the event.


* Date: May 25, 2022
* Time: 15:00-17:00
* Location: Senaatszaal, Erasmus University Rotterdam
* Target group: students with an interest in Finance
* Application deadline: until capacity has been reached
* Selection process: first come first serve

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