Energy Finance Conference

In 2018 the first edition of the Energy Finance Conference will be organised. The Energy Finance Conference is a one-day event during which companies can show their affiliation with Energy Finance to students. Students can learn about the sector by participating in the workshops and attending the conference. During the workshops students get acquainted with the working activities within the Energy Finance Sector. After the workshops companies can speak to the the students in a more informal manner during the lunch. 

For the conference we invite several speakers from relevant companies and institutions to contribute to the discussion and to share their insights. The conference will end with a networking drink for all participating firms and students.


  • Event period: January
  • Number of participants: 20-30 students per workshop, Conference open for everyone
  • Location: TBA
  • Target group: Third year bachelor and master students with an interest in finance and/or energy
  • First application deadline: TBA
  • Enrollment: Separate application for each workshop, conference open for everyone with a ticket
  • Selection process: CV for workshops, free access to conference
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