FSR x PHIA | Find your talent day

Ever wondered what it is like to work in an innovative startup? 

This year we organise a day in collaboration with the Philips Innovation Award. This year’s 30 PHIA semi-finalists startups have indicated that they are looking for YOU! As a student, you are a potential new co-founder. Alternatively, consider doing your thesis internship at one of our rapidly growing startups!

Past participants of the Philips Innovation Award (PHIA), such as Felyx, Lalaland, Loop, and Lightyear, are growing rapidly or have already grown to be successful scale-ups. If you join these fast-growing startups at an early stage, you will be working in a dynamic environment while being in the driver’s seat, allowing you to shape the future of the company. Be part of their movement!

We, FSR and the Philips Innovation Award and, are organising a day to connect motivated students with the most innovative startups in The Netherlands. This Find Your Talent Day will be hosted in Rotterdam on the 4th of April. The day will take place from 14:30-17:00 and will be free of charge. During the day, the students will be guided to ensure they meet the start-ups that match their preferences and field of expertise. Furthermore, a successful founder will be speaking at our event to inspire and inform all of you! Afterwards, we will also have beers together. Drinks on us!

The day will consist of various elements for the purpose of getting to know the start-ups and their founders, including a speech by one of our PHIA alumni. Is there a match? Then you might consider a trial period at the startup to see whether the synergy works out in practice. 

If you want to join this day, click here and sign up! For more information regarding the Find Your Talent Day please click here. 

What is the Philips Innovation Award?

Philips Innovation Award: The largest student entrepreneurship award in the Netherlands, that offers its start-up cohort training days to function as an accelerator program.


Participating startups:

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