Private Equity Conference

 Join this online event on September 9th at 15 pm via zoom

On the 9th of September, the Financial Study association Rotterdam will organize the inaugural Private Equity Conference. The goal of this online event is to give students an insight into the diverse world of Private Equity. The theme of this year’s edition is:

‘Downturns: Private Equity challenges when the economy turns sour’.

In the last couple of months, the leading reports are describing the Private Equity sector as a record-breaking sector. However, since the upcoming COVID-19 crisis, the promising predictions about the Private Equity sector might change. Even though the value of the companies has declined dramatically, which is beneficial for the bidders, the investors need to keep the companies into their portfolio longer than expected. Furthermore, the banks are way more critical giving out loans to bidders.

We have invited three renowned speakers to share their views on this current situation. If you would like to know more about the increasing influence of Private Equity and their current challenges, the online Private Equity Conference is the perfect fit.   

Are you interested? Stay up-to-date by regularly checking our website and social media. The application form will open soon.


  • Event period: September 9
  • Target group: students with an interest in Finance
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