International Banking Cycle Committee

International Banking Cycle Committee

The International Banking Cycle committee is responsible for organizing the largest investment banking recruitment event of the Netherlands: the International Banking Cycle. Eleven leading international Investment Banks participate in the event and offer students the opportunity to learn more about the companies and the industry in general. During a series of workshops, presentations and drink receptions, students will become more acquainted with the challenging world of Investment Banking. It is also a unique way to obtain a summer internship or a full-time position at an Investment Bank in London.

As a committee member, it is your task to make the world of banking accessible to a large group of students. The workshops are available for a group of selected students and during these sessions, they will be confronted with a real-life case. Afterwards, each company gives a presentation and will provide firm-specific insights including career opportunities. These are open to all interested students. There will be an informal reception after each presentation where students can meet and speak with the employees of the bank in an informal manner. 

As a committee member you are responsible, among other things, for the following tasks:

  • Setting up a promotion plan;
  • Contacting the students;
  • Make sure the event runs smoothly; 
  • Responsible for logistics;

 International Banking Cycle
Time period:

  • End of July 2023 – September 2023 (with an average of 4-6 hours per week)
  • September 2023 – October 2023 (with an average of 10-12 hour per week)

Application deadline: July 9, 2023
Committee composition: 4 committee members, 1 board member

Joining the committee

Recruitment period

Application for this committee is closed.

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