CareerCast #2: From PhD to Private Equity

We are excited to announce the second episode of the CareerCast with Joris Kil!

In the second episode, we invited Joris Kil, Investment Manager at Rotterdam Portfund and part-time lecturer at Erasmus University for the masters in Financial Economics.

 During the podcast, topics such as how Joris Kil got into Private Equity, what it is like to work at a PE fund, and how real-life deals can differ from the theory theoretical concepts taught at universities.

After his Masters degree, Joris decided to pursue a Ph.D. Transitioning to corporate life, he gained strategic insights at Monitor Deloitte before making the switch to Private Equity (PE). Joris shares the dynamics of PE, from deal making to portfolio management, drawing from his firsthand experiences. He elaborates on the different aspects that are part of working in private equity, especially at Rotterdam Port Fund. Furthermore, as a part-time lecturer for the masters Financial Economics, Joris shares his knowledge with aspiring finance students. 

About Rotterdam Port Fund

RPF is an independent investment fund that was established at the end of 2016. RPF invests in fast-growing companies that aspire to be a part of the transition to the port of the future. Therefore, companies that focus on sustainability, durability, and technology are awarded growth opportunities. The fund gives her investors the opportunity to shape the port economy of the future and realise their commercial and sustainability goals. Their capital, knowledge, and network have a direct, positive, and lasting impact on the dynamic port sector. The companies are active in diverse port sectors such as transportation & logistics, energy & refinery, and offshore & maritime.

RPF supports management teams with capital, knowledge, and network to realise further growth and long-term activity. Providing an attractive market outlook and optimal returns, as well as creating the opportunity to contribute to a positive, social, and sustainable change, are aspects that make RPF unique.

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