Former committee member - Pieter van der Staak

Former LFT committee member - Pieter van der Staak

  • Study: Financial Economics
  • Current occupation: M&A Intern at IMAP Netherlands
  • FSR position: LFT committee


“What motivated you to become an active FSR member?”

I became an active member of FSR, because I enjoyed participating in the events that FSR organized and I wanted to organize such an event myself! (and the active members weekend, of course)

“Why did you choose this particular committee and what were some highs and lows of organizing the London Finance Tour?”

I chose the London Finance Tour Committee as this is an event that really requires careful and organizational planning, but is also very rewarding when everything goes to plan. That is exactly how I experienced it; fitting all the companies in a tight schedule was a challenge, especially when companies want to change times last minute. But when you’re there, and all the participants are enjoying the companies' workshops, and you’re out and about in London, it’s all worth it.

“Apart from hosting the London Finance Tour as a committee member, did you take part in any FSR events as a participant? How was participating in an event different from organizing an event?”

I have taken part in multiple events that the FSR organised, such as the Investment week and the M&A days. To me, participating in an event can be very fun and informative, but organizing an event actually requires responsibility and effort, whilst it is still fun and informative. This makes organizing an event even more rewarding!

“How do you look back at your time at FSR?”

I really enjoyed my time at the FSR, I think we worked together nicely, which led to a successful event. Besides that, I learned a lot about organizing events and finance in London.

“What was your favorite memory of being a FSR committee member?”

What I enjoyed most during my time as committee member must be the active members weekend, when FSR thanks all its active members for their efforts by going on a short weekend trip.

“Can you tell us something about what you are doing now?”

I am currently active as an M&A intern with IMAP Netherlands. IMAP is a Dutch M&A boutique located in Rotterdam, active in the mid-market.

“Did FSR play a role in your current occupation?”

Yes! When I realized I wanted to pursue a career in M&A, I applied for the M&A days and got to participate in an in-house day at IMAP. I really enjoyed the case, how IMAP described their work and had a nice chat with the people currently working there as analysts. Quickly after the inhouse day I applied, and now I’m here as an intern!


Interested in becoming a committee member?

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