FSR | Masterclass Bloomberg

FSR | Masterclass Bloomberg

Are you eager to develop your professional skills in Finance? Or do you want to get acquainted with a global financial services system that can provide you with financial and economic information on all market sectors? This masterclass will help you to master the Bloomberg terminal. 

What is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg is a financial database that can be used by students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam for scientific and educational purposes. 
The Bloomberg Masterclass focuses on students that have limited experience with the use of Bloomberg and are interested in the analysis of financial market data. During the two-hour masterclass, students will learn how to navigate the Bloomberg terminal and use basic Bloomberg data gathering functions in Excel. The participants will work with Bloomberg on a computer while following instructions on a big screen. The skills taught in this class can be very valuable for data analysis in order to conduct research for your thesis for example.

Furthermore, you get the opportunity to obtain a Bloomberg Market Concept (BMC) certificate for free (normal price for students is $149) in your own time! 

Are you excited to improve your skills and learn more about the Bloomberg Terminal? Or do you want to become more familiar with the use of Bloomberg to perform research or write your thesis? Then join us for the Bloomberg Masterclass!


  • Event period: 2nd of February 14:00 to 17:00
  • Registration: First-come, first-serve. The first 20 students are assured of a spot, after which we will work with a waiting list. 
  • Location: Polak Data Centre
  • Target group: All bachelor and master students
  • Application deadline: 31st of January 14:00
  • The masterclass will be held in English
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