The Investment Week & Symposium

The Investment Week forms an opportunity for students to come into contact with sectors of the financial industry that otherwise remain almost inaccessible. During the investment week asset managers, hedge funds, traders and private equity firms will come to campus Woudestein. During these five days students can take part in workshops and gain insights in the world of finance. You will solve challenging cases and meet professionals from within the industry. Show your excellence and analytical skills to equity managers and analysts and broaden your knowledge of trading and investing. Jointly organised by the student investment society B&R Beurs and the Financial Study Association Rotterdam (FSR), this event provides you with the rare opportunity to get to know the financial industry and financial companies thoroughly.

The Symposium is the largest event about investments for students in the Netherlands. The Symposium will take place in the second largest concert hall of the Netherlands: De Doelen in Rotterdam. During the Symposium the floor is given to professionals of prestigious companies to share their experience. 

The program of the Investment Week is designed in such a way that you can choose a specific area within the financial industry or take a look at all of them to decide which area suits you best. Subscription for the Investment Week is open to all students. Once subscribed, you can apply for all activities during the week, though some activities might hold special requirements.

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