Open Banking Day

Date 17th of May

Are you interested in the developments in the world of banking? The 17th of May FSR and Turing Students Rotterdam will organize the Open Banking Day 2019. During the event, topics such as PSD2 will be discussed. Questions such as 'How can banks survive the age of open Banking?' and 'What can go wrong with these new developments?' will be answered. The event will contain presentations from the following speakers: 

- Dion Bongaerts (mediator) - Academic Director FinTech Area of Expertise - Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics
- Tigran Egiazarov - Manager, Mobile Payments and Transit Security - Riscure
- Paul James - Product Owner Open Banking - Rabobank
- Paul Breitbarth - Privacy professional, GDPR Specialist, Lawyer, Political Animal - NYMITY
- Lennart de Vries - Director Global Strategy Group - KPMG

After these interesting presentations, there will be a closing drink at the Pavilion.

Apply now: 

Date: 17th of May from 15:00 - 18:00

Open to all students

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