Private Equity Dinner

Meet various companies during a luxurious dinner!

This year, the first Private Equity Dinner will be organised on March 5th. In this four-round dinner, students will join a different company at the table for each course. During the dinner you have the opportunity to get a good impression of the world of Private Equity and get to know the culture and career opportunities within the companies. Moreover, you get to see the differences and similarities between the participating companies.

Four Private Equity firms will join us during this luxurious dinner:

  • Parcom Capital
  • Egeria
  • Bencis Capital
  • Avedon

Please note: this event is for Dutch speaking students only!


  • Event period: March 5th
  • Number of participants: 20
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Target group: Third year Bachelor and Master students with an interest in Finance
  • Application deadline: Februari 24th
  • Selection process: CV
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