From an IBC participant to getting an IB internship

Former participant interview International Banking Cycle (IBC)

● Study: MSc Finance & Investments - Erasmus University Rotterdam
● Current occupation: Exchange student at IE Business School Madrid
● Year attended the IBC: 2022

“What motivated you to participate in the International Banking Cycle (IBC) 2022?”
I just started the master’s program Finance & Investments and was orienting on what I would like to do in the future. I wanted to become more familiar with investment banking and the type of work that is involved in this job. For me, the IBC seemed like a good opportunity to get to know investment banking as well as the corporate culture at the participating firms.

“How do you look back at your time at the International Banking Cycle 2022?”
Participating at the IBC was a great learning experience as we had to work together with fellow students on a competitive M&A case and ultimately present our findings. The cases provided good insight into the process of an M&A deal and how different parties are involved. Furthermore, the IBC also allowed me to connect with the people working at the participating banks and I got to know the differences between the banks.

“Can you tell us something about what you are doing now?”
I have recently finished my investment banking summer internship at J.P. Morgan in Amsterdam where I enjoyed my time a lot. As an addition to my master, I have just moved to Madrid to follow the master exchange program at IE Business School for the upcoming months.

“What role did the International Banking Cycle play in your current occupation?”
Participating at the IBC raised my interest in investment banking. The event allowed me to get to know the team at J.P. Morgan and led to the opportunity to intern within the team this summer.


International Banking Cycle 2023

This year, the IBC will take place from September 8 - October 4. During workshops, presentations, network drinks and interviews you will get the chance to meet these banks, show your skills and ask them everything you want to know!

Application deadlines of the event days are as follows:

  • September 10: ING, BNP Paribas, Barclays, J.P. Morgan
  • September 17: Lazard, Nomura, Bank of America, Citi
  • September 24: Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley

Applications are open now. Apply at!

Apply here!

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