What does a committee at FSR bring you?

Former committee interview - Louis Frissen 

  • Study: BSc Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Current occupation: M&A working student at Stepstone CF+
  • FSR position: Conference Committee

What motivated you to become an active FSR member?”

In one of my lectures, a board member from FSR delivered a presentation regarding the upcoming committee deadlines which sparked my interest considering my aspirations for a career in finance. Furthermore, the social dimension is highly appealing, as it provides an opportunity to connect with people that share similar interests, thereby enhancing networking prospects.

“How did you prepare for your interview?”

Researching the association and its events, practicing your responses, and simulating interview scenarios will greatly enhance your chances of success and enable you to confidently showcase your qualifications during the actual job interview.

Apart from hosting the Conference as a committee member, did you take part in any FSR events as a participant?”

I took part in various events including an in-house day from CBRE and special events that were organized for committee members from EY and ABN AMRO. These active members' days include personality training, case-solving assignments and networking drinks.

How was participating in an event different from organizing an event?”

The distinction lies in the fact that certain aspects such as IT, catering, and ensuring everyone is present does not be taken into consideration when you are participating. On the other hand, when behind the wheel, you have the ability to direct and tailor the events towards your own preferences in terms of topics discussed and partners present. This offers a considerable degree of freedom and personal choice. In addition, the conference committee is one of the only committees where you can be involved in the acquisition process and establish contact with companies more easily. 

Why did you choose this particular committee and what were some highs and lows of organizing Conference?”

Engaging with various partners on a close level, particularly within the Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) industry. Within a two-hour time frame, you delve deep into a certain topic where you have the opportunity to learn much. Among these conferences, the PE conference stands out as the most enjoyable, although the VC conference is also quite appealing.

Did you encounter any problems during the organization of conferences?”

The main challenge is securing a venue, particularly due to the availability at the university. In addition, persistent follow-ups and clear communication with individuals are key. Luckily, the acquisition process went quite smoothly.

How do you look back at your time at the FSR?”

It's really enjoyable! Suitable for everyone, especially if you're considering entering the sector. You get to interact with many individuals who have internships lined up or who are in the midst of job applications. It allows you to expand your network and connect with new students and professionals. Besides that, there was the unforgettable ‘actievenweekend’ which is a definite high.

Can you tell us something about what you are doing now?”

I will be starting the Master's program in Finance and Investments after completing a degree in Business Administration. During my final bachelor year, I did an internship at a Corporate Finance boutique and am currently still employed there as a working student.

“What role did the FSR play in your current occupation?”

I learned about this opportunity during a committee members' event. Another committee member mentioned this position to me. He highly recommended it, and I was already actively searching, thus I decided to apply after our conversation.


Become a committee member at FSR! 

Do you want to organise prestigious events at FSR, work together in a team and expand your network? Apply now for one of the committees at the Financial Study association Rotterdam. The application deadline is September 17. For any questions about the committees or application procedure, contact activities@fsr.nl.

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