Noralie Pareau Dumont

My name is Noralie Pareau Dumont and I am the President of the XXVIth board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. After finishing high school, I went to the United States to combine one year of study with playing field hockey. Three years ago I moved to Rotterdam to start my Bachelor in Economics and Business Economics. Besides my studies, I decided to join the hockey association HV Victoria and the student association R.S.C./R.V.S.V.

During my Bachelor's, I discovered my interest in Finance and Consultancy. Therefore, In my third year, I decided to join a committee at FSR to learn more about the financial world. I had the opportunity to organise the Big 4 Cycle. During this event, I organised four inhouse-days in collaboration with EY, Deloitte, PwC and KPMG. After organising this event, I was curious about the other aspects of finance (M&A, asset management, private equity, etc.) and therefore I decided to apply for the board. 

As the President, my main priority will be to ensure that the board functions properly. In order to achieve this, I will try to create an environment in which transparent communication is key and where everybody is on the same page. On the other hand, I will advise my fellow board members on certain situations and I will jump in when problems arise. In this way, I will be involved in the majority of our events. Moreover, I will learn how to act in difficult situations and make important decisions. Besides the board, I am responsible for the long-term strategy of the FSR and the exploration of new opportunities. Finally, I received the opportunity to represent the FSR on many different occasions, both in- and outside the university. I am looking forward to the challenge of being ultimately responsible for the largest independent study association of Erasmus University, counting over 3500 members.

If you have any further questions about a board year or the FSR in general, don’t hesitate to contact me or come by our office to grab a coffee with me or one of my fellow board members!

Noralie Pareau Dumont
President | FSR Board 2023-2024
+31 (0)6 37 45 14 71


Noralie Pareau Dumont