International Banking Cycle

Participation in the International Banking Cycle 2017 will give you a direct insight into Investment Banking and could become the start of your career at one of the world's leading Investment Banks!

During the International Banking Cycle 2017, leading Investment Banks will give workshops, presentations and interviews. In order to participate in the workshop you will have to apply on the website. The selection of the participants for the workshops will be done by the banks themselves. Students who impressed the banks the most will be selected for interviews during the next day. The presentations and drinks are open to everyone who is interested and will give a unique opportunity to experience the firm's culture.

Former Investment Banker Peter Whiting will kick off this cycle with a presentation on Investment Banking, with a focus on different roles and skills, understanding the culture and the selection process. This session is open to all students as well and is a perfect preparation for a potential career in banking.

For more information regarding time tables, participating banks and former internship stories, please visit

Event Overview

  • Event period: September – October
  • Number of participants: 20-30 students per participating bank
  • Location: Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Amsterdam
  • Target group: Third year bachelor and master students with an interest in finance and banking
  • Application deadline: See
  • Enrollment*: Separate application for each bank
  • Selection process: CV

*For more information and subscription, visit the website

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