FSR | Venture Capital Conference

Are you interested to learn what Venture Capital funds look for in new start-ups and business ideas? Or do you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are you interested in how start-ups are financed throughout their growth? Then join the Venture Capital Conference on the 17th of April! This year's theme is 'Vision to Value: Funding a Start-up'.


On April 17, experienced speakers from three Venture Capital firms will come to our campus to speak about both the VC industry in general as well as the inner workings of their respective firms. Moreover, the co-founder and CEO of start-up company Cruit will come to talk about the entrepreneurial side of this type of financing! This way, you get a look into both sides of the VC funding process. After their presentations, you get to ask all your questions to these speakers about anything you would like to know regarding the industry in the form of a panel discussion. We close off the event with some informal drinks where you get to meet and chat with the speakers.



Participating Venture Capital Companies: No Such Ventures, Finch Capital, Slingshot Ventures
Start-up Guest Speaker: Steye Kaersenhout, Co-founder and CEO of Cruit
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 17, 15.00 - 17.00 with drinks afterwards
Location: Senaatszaal, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Registration: First-come, first-served
Language: English

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