Erasmus Banking Summit

Every year, the Financial Study association Rotterdam organises a new edition of the FSR Erasmus Banking Summit. The goal of this event is to discuss topical issues in the world of banking and give students an insight in the versatile financial world. This year the topic of the summit was the bank of the future.

After the financial crisis a lot of new regulations have been introduced to make the financial sector less risky. Through this year's summit it became more clear for students what these regulations mean and what the consequences are for traditional as well as modern banks. Furthermore, the question whether these banks live up to the new regulations have been answered. 

• Merel van Vroonhoven – Chair of the Executive Board, AFM
• Willem Evers – Head of Department Supervision Policy, DNB
• Jeroen Plag – Head of Corporate Strategy, ING
• Maikel Lobbezoo – Head of Growth, Adyen 


The summit is open to all students on a first come first serve basis.

Event Overview

  • Event period: September
  • Number of participants: 250
  • Location: The Paviljoen at campus Woudestein.
  • Target group: students with an interest in Finance
  • Application deadline: /
  • Selection process: /
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