The day we escaped adulthood - Active members day

On a sunny Sunday morning (almost) all the active members of FSR gathered in Oostplein to wait for the bus which would have brought us to a mysterious place which was known only to the board, as “active members day tradition” requires. After the engines started and the bus was on his way to the highway, the destination was revealed: the Efteling, the famous fantasy-themed amusement park in the south of the country, where every Dutch kid has been in his/her childhood. When arrived in the park, we were welcomed by fairytale-like music and characters, surrounded by fairytale-like buildings and props which made the experience surreal. Although the temperature wasn’t friendly, the park was packed, and after endless lines we were able to enjoy some exciting rides on the roller coasters and other attractions of the park. But the day didn’t end with the park visit, as the staff at O’ Pazzo back in Rotterdam was waiting for us to serve us some delicious pizza’s to fill our stomachs after a long and tiring day of park exploration. Not satisfied with the activities of the day, we decided to wrap it up with some more drinks at a closeby bar.

All in all, this day was a good opportunity to meet all the active members or improve the relationships with the already met members, and a nice break from studying before the exam period will start to cloud our days with never-ending studying sessions.

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