After winning the first semifinal match, F. C. Juventus wins the market too

The Turin based football team stock has risen by more than  200% in the last year. After yesterday outstanding performance in Montecarlo, the stock gained additional value this morning in the market. The investors are betting on a victorious ending for the team, currently being one of the favourites to bring the Champions League Cup home, after they last won it in 1996. If Juventus manages to advance to the final, besides a share of the € 1.27 billion revenue that they already received from UEFA, they would also receive an additional bonus of € 11 million.

But Juventus has not become the best performer on the European Football stock index only because of their sport performance; the investors are also valuing them on the market for the strategy that they are implementing since the beginning of this football season. The management is trying, and succeeding, to increase the revenue also on the brand and merchandise side, by gaining more prestige and recognizability internationally.

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