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About NBI Investors

Venture Capital Internship

NBI Investors

NBI Investors is a management company active in venture capital and impact investing since 2009 and currently manages two open funds: Mainport Innovation Fund II (MIF II) and SHIFT INVEST. The team of 13 investment professionals is specialized in seed and early-stage deals.

MIF II (www.mainportinnovationfund.nl) was founded in 2015 by Schiphol, KLM, TU Delft, NS and Port of Amsterdam to foster innovation in logistics, transport and aviation. We help entrepreneurs accelerate by combining Venture Capital funding with the expertise and global network of our partners, who can also act as pilot partner or launching customer.

Examples of investments are in bird-strike prevention and drone detection (www.robinradar.com), trace detection equipment of explosives and drugs on airports (www.eyeonair.nl), monitoring systems for electric buses and trucks (www.viriciti.com), ride and load sharing within trucking industry (www.synple.eu), fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction for ships (www.we4sea.com).

Drivers: global growth in traffic of people and goods, urbanization

SHIFT INVEST (www.shiftinvest.com) invests in innovative companies that create a positive impact in the food & agriculture chain, biobased economy and clean technologies. Rabobank, Menzis, Wageningen UR, TU-Delft, the World Wildlife Fund, Topfonds Gelderland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs have invested in the fund.

Examples of investments are in high quality insect based protein production (www.protix.eu), meat substitutes (www.meatless.nl), heat exchangers for recovery of industrial flue gas (www.heatmatrix.com), biobased processes (www.chaincraft.nl)  and multifunctional nanocoatings (www.kriyamaterials.com).

Drivers: increase in demand for (healthy) food, less waste, less emissions and the need for a circular economy

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