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Finance Ideas: more impact with social capital 

That is our goal! We are a young, independent, substantively driven and growing financial consultancy firm. We are active on the cutting edge of real estate and finance and work with leading housing corporations, hospitals, care institutions and institutional investors to realize their objectives and ensure financial continuity in the future.

Since 2004 we have been mainly active in three financial fields: housing, care and real estate. In recent years we have been busy with guiding hospital mergers, assessing real estate portfolios and implementing a new housing law with a large number of housing corporations.

Every day we excel in our discipline. Each of our employees gets a big responsibility, but you certainly do not work alone. Every project is teamed up, wherefore we form a strong team together. Another important aspect within Finance Ideas is knowledge. We work closely with universities, foremost with two of our partners being active as professor. In addition, we established our own Finance Ideas Academy to share our knowledge with our clients.

Furthermore, we often organize lunch lectures, breakfast sessions and training days to keep everyone in the team up-to-date with the latest developments in our field. No worries, during lunch we also talk about other topics than finance.


Did we make you curious already? Perfect. We are present at the European Finance Tour with a challenging case. See you there!

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