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Are you looking for Finance or Accountancy students who are in the last stage of their studies? Do you want to expose your firm among top students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam? Then becoming a partner at the FSR is an interesting option.

The FSR offers various exposure possibilities and recruitment events to their partners in order to bring students and potential employers together.

Exposure possibilities

The FSR offers the opportunity to promote your company and events by familiarizing our members with your vacancies and recruitment events:

Website Exposure

Students visit our website to stay informed about upcoming events and to look for internships and vacancies. We offer partners several exposure possibilities via our website:

  • Career page: The FSR website provides a well-known platform among students who are searching for interesting vacancies or upcoming events from our partners. Students can easily filter the relevant vacancies to their own preferences. An account on the career page consists of a company profile on the FSR website and the possibility to put vacancies on the career page.
  • Carrousel ad: A page-wide carousel ad on the homepage of the FSR. This is a popular way to maximize brand awareness among students, as it is an eye catcher for students visiting the website.
  • Banner ad: A web banner at the bottom of each page on the FSR-website. Placing a clickable banner on the website is an ideal way to promote an event or product during a specific month.

Direct Mailing

According to your own preferences, the FSR can communicate your message to an extensive audience of over 2500 Finance and Accountancy students. Direct Mailings make it possible to target a specific group of students. You can select Master students according to their specialization, Bachelor students by their preference, or select students on study phase.

The FSR is also part of the Financial Association the Netherlands (FAN). The FAN network consist of the Financial Study associations of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Groningen and Maastricht. Firms can send a direct mail to all members of the FAN network for country-wide exposure among Finance and Accountancy students.


Facebook has become an important medium for students looking for job offers and recruitment events. Partners have the possibility to advertise their vacancies, business courses or recruitment events by posting an ad on the FSR Facebook page. The Facebookpage of the FSR is followed by more than 4900 students and is used on a daily basis.

Perspective Magazine

Perspective is our newly integrated online-magazine in which the FSR posts e new Perspective article every week on the website and Facebook page. These articles consist of several interviews and company presentations to give students an ‘inside-look’ of the partner and the company culture.

Recruitment events

During the academic year, the FSR organizes several recruitment events focused on Finance and Accounting. Participation in one of our recruitment events gives you the possibility to meet a selected group of students based on their CV. The FSR organises both formal and informal events at the campus, at an external location or in-house. Please find an overview of our recruitment events on our event page.

Other possibilities


Next to recruitment events the FSR also aims to contribute to a broader education for our members. Together with partners the FSR offers (short) courses on a specific topic. This could be a training focussing on soft skills such as an interview training, CV writing training or a presentation training. Other, more specific, trainings focussing on areas such as trading or management are also possible.

Guest lectures

The FSR has a very close relationship with the Accounting & Finance department at the Erasmus University, for whom we provide guest lectures for Bachelor 3 and Master courses. The FSR fulfills the role of intermediary between the professor and the partner. The number of students attending these guest lectures is, depending on the course, between 25 and 200 students. Most students are very motivated and interested in the topics of a guest lecture.

Are you interested in becoming a partner of the FSR or do you have any questions about the FSR? Please find the contact details of the Commissioner External Relations below

Maarten van der Puijl – Commissioner External Relations

+31 (0)10 408 1830

+31 (0)6 485 742 40

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