FSR | Masterclass Finance Accelerator Simulation

Ever wondered what really happens on the trading floor of an Investment Bank?

Are you dreaming of becoming a star portfolio manager?

We are excited to announce the FSR x Amplify Trading Masterclass!

AmplifyME is a brand-new platform to ensure students get hired based on their ability, instead of their background.

On March 29nd, from 14:00-16:00, we will be running the flagship Finance Accelerator simulation that will rotate you through roles in Sales & Trading and Asset Management via Zoom.
Top performers in each role will have the opportunity to be fast-tracked to internship and graduate opportunities at Amplify’s partners such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Citi.

The masterclass is divided into two rounds.
The first round is a live simulation of the trading floor. This gives you first-hand experience of what it takes to work in markets. 
In the second round of the simulation, you’ll manage a $20 million portfolio where you’ll attempt to outperform the benchmark and your competition.
Lastly, in the simulation debrief we crown the winner of the simulation and show you how to leverage your performance data in your applications.

This will provide you with invaluable practical experience and give you an edge in your future applications!

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