Financial Business Cycle 2018

The Financial Business Cycle consists of multiple in-house days, workshops and dinners hosted by different companies. You will have the opportunity to get to know the participating companies and experience the differences in activities and corporate culture.

During the workshops and in-house days, each company will present itself through a presentation and a case. A significant part of the day will be reserved for business cases, allowing you to show your financial talent. At the end of the day, you will be able to get to know the company in an informal setting.

During the company dinners you will have the opportunity to meet companies in a more informal way. During these dinners you will meet employees of multiple companies from the same sector and you will have the chance to ask them about their own career and company.

In short, the Financial Business Cycle is the perfect opportunity for future financial professionals to explore career possibilities and orient in the financial world. You can sign up for each event separately by submitting your CV. 

Event overview

  • Event period: November 19th - December 7th
  • Number of participants: 20-30 per event
  • Location: On campus, inhouse at the company and in restaurants
  • Target group: Third year bachelor and master students with an interest in finance, accounting or controlling
  • First application deadline: 11th of November
  • Second application deadline: 25th of November
  • Enrollment: Separate application for each workshop, dinner and in-house day
  • Selection process: CV
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