Boutique Cycle Committee

Boutique Cycle Committee

Fluency in Dutch is required for the application for this commitee.

The Boutique Cycle will be organised for the second time and will consist of numerous in-house days in the Netherlands. For students with an interest in finance, this cycle offers the possibility to experience the differences within several finance boutiques. The different in-house days offer students the chance to work on real-life cases, often combined with an informal drink reception. This way the participants can meet and speak with the company employees in an informal manner.

As a committee member, it is important that you are motivated to make this first edition a great success. Furthermore, your input and creativity can really make a difference.

Before the Boutique Cycle, you will organise the Valuation, which is a two-day event that teaches the fundamentals of popular valuation techniques used by investment banking practitioners.

As a committee member you are responsible, among other things, for the following tasks:

  • Setting up a promotion plan;
  • Marketing activities and logistics of the event;
  • Organising the training during the Valuation;
  • Support during the Boutique Cycle.

Events: The Valuation & Boutique Cycle 
Time period: January 2022– May 2022 (with an average of 6 hours per week)
Application deadline: January 9th, 2022
Committee composition: 2 committee members, 1 board member

For more information about our committees, check out the Committee Information Brochure here.

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