ICansultancy Committee

ICansultancy Committee

As member of the ICansultancy Committee you are responsible for organizing the Women Consultancy Day. The goal of this event is to connect a group of 20 highly motivated female students with prestigious strategy consultants.

The students can meet the world of strategy consulting by attending an one-day event in Amsterdam. During this day the focus will be on one specific topic. Last year's theme was 'Women at the Top' with partners such as Bain&Company, BCG, Roland Berger and Strategy&.

As a committee member you are responsible, among other things, for the following tasks:

  • Coming up with a theme;
  • Contacting relevant speakers;
  • Setting up a promotion plan.

We organize this event in co-operation with study associations FAECTOR and InDuplo.


  • Events
    • Women Consultancy Day
  • Time period
    • October 2018 - January 2019 (with an average of 3 hours per week)
  • Committee composition
    • 3 committee members, 3 board members (FAECTOR, InDuplo and FSR will all be represented by 1 boardmember and 1 committee member)
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