As an active member...

As an active member...

You can only become an active member of the FSR if you are a native Dutch speaker.

When actively involved in the FSR by joining a committee, you also get the chance to get to know your fellow active members.

Since we understand that you are busy with your Master or Bachelor, we do not have weekly drinks. But still, no one can resist a good dinner and drink every now and then. That’s why we organise several drinks and active members days and dinners throughout the year.

On top of that, an active members weekend is organised every year, with a destination that remains secret until you get on the airplane. Believe us if we tell you that last year’s weekend in Warschau was unforgettable.

Besides all the fun activities, we also provide trainings exclusively for you as an active member, such as an interview skills training.

Lastly, we also offer the possibility to become an alumnus and remain in touch with the association. This way you still get to enjoy drinks and you can still reunite with your fellow committee members.

Please, come by our office at NT-01 if you would like to know more about becoming active at the FSR. We are happy to help you out!

For more information about our committees, check out the Committee Information Brochure here and apply for a committee bij sending your CV and motivation to!

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