Corporate Finance Competition Committee

Corporate Finance Competition Committee

You can only apply for a committee of the FSR if you are a native Dutch speaker.

As a member of the Corporate Finance Committee you are responsible for organising two major events: the Corporate Finance Competition and the Valuation.

Corporate Finance Competition

The Corporate Finance Competition is a two-day event at a luxurious location with four major banks. During this event, students will get acquainted with corporate finance by solving different cases guided by the hosting companies. Participants will be offered the opportunity to get a better insight in the issues related to corporate finance, learn more about the world of corporate finance, have the opportunity to develop their presentation skills and broaden their network.

The Valuation

The Valuation is a two-day training event that teaches the fundamentals of popular valuation techniques used by investment banking practitioners. The first day focuses on the theory of corporate valuation. The second day consists of workshops at two corporate finance houses.

As a committee member you are responsible, among other things, for the following tasks:

  • Setting up a promotion plan;
  • Coming up with a theme;
  • Inviting relevant speakers.


  • Events
    • Corporate Finance Competition & The Valuation
  • Time period
    • October 2018 – Februari 2019 (with an average of 4 hours per week)
  • Committee composition
    • 2 committee members, 2 board members
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