Sanne van der Salm

My name is Sanne van der Salm and I will fulfill the position of Commissioner Finance Activities in the XXXIIIrd board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam.

In the past three years I completed my Bachelor Business Administration. Besides my studies, I’ve been active in several committees and joined the student sailing association two years ago. During my bachelor's, I had the opportunity to go on exchange to Norway where I followed logistics-related courses.

My previous experiences increased my interest in organizing events. I’ve been working for seven years in a small café where I had the opportunity to start with my own project. Now we are successfully hosting High Tea’s, BBQ’s and boat trips for groups. Also together with my father, I’m working on my own company called Open Deur Dagen. This is a networking event focused on the agricultural sector. Due to my interests in supply chain management and hosting events, Commissioner Finance Activities seemed like a good fit.

As the Commissioner Finance Activities I am responsible for organizing events which are related to the financial sector. In collaboration with my fellow board members and the different committees, I will organize the Financial Business Cycle, Corporate Finance Competition, Boutique Cycle, and London Finance Tour. What I find most appealing about this position is that you have a diverse variety of tasks. On a daily basis, you are improving your organizational- and communication skills. I really like the aspect of interacting with multiple parties, looking over the promotion, and working together with the committee members, so making sure we will host great events this year.

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year! If you have any questions about the FSR or my position, you are always welcome.

Sanne van der Salm,
Commissioner Finance Activities | FSR Board 2020/2021
+31 (0)6 38 32 73 97

Sanne van der Salm