Joost Crul

My name is Joost Crul, and I will fulfil the treasurer position in the XXIInd board of the Financial Study association Rotterdam. Four years ago, I moved to Rotterdam to start my study International Business Administration (IBA).

In my first year I joined the student association Laurentius. Throughout the years, I have had a great time building friendships with the people I have met there. During my third year, I went on exchange to Dublin. These three months were truly fantastic, as I enjoyed the Irish culture and further improved my English. After this period abroad, I did not really know what I wanted to do later in life. I decided to extend IBA with one year and do an audit internship at KPMG. This internship made me curious about the financial sector, and I realized that a board year at FSR would be the perfect opportunity to learn what is has to offer.

The professional approach and the interesting events of the FSR, combined with the fun social activities appealed to me as well. I am glad I have been provided with the opportunity to work and learn in this manner. With this board year I hope to further improve my soft skills as well, by working closely together with my fellow board members.

In my free time I enjoy following sports. I like to read about it in papers, watch it on TV and go to events. I am a fanatic golf player myself, and in the spring/summer season I enjoy hitting the course in the weekends.

Being the next Treasurer, I will be the chair of both the Conference Committee and the Masterclass Committee. Together with the committee members will we host multiple events, such as the Private Equity Conference, the Sustainable Finance Conference and the Bloomberg Masterclass. Moreover, I am responsible for financial resource management. I will have the responsibility to manage the expenses and revenues of the largest independent study association of the EUR.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or drop by our office to get in touch with me or one of my fellow board members!

Joost Crul,
Treasurer | FSR Board 2019/2020
+31 (0)6 52 59 43 59

Joost Crul